Monday, November 5, 2012

Thankful for... suffragettes

The Lady and the Tiger, 11/07/1917
Courtesy of the US National Archives
I am not a very outspoken person when it comes to politics.  As I learn and grow as a person, my views on political issues become complicated, less concerned with party lines and more concerned with what I believe is fair and just.  I avoid political discussion, and the ugliness that has surrounded all the candidates in this year's presidential race makes me sad.  Even if I totally disagree with a person's views, to call any one person or party stupid or other names seems, to me, pointless and short sighted.

Every politician is going to do something you dislike.  Some of the issues may be matters of annoyance or minor inconvenience, while some may threaten your freedoms.  It is up to you to decide.  But, people, WE CAN decide.

As a woman, it amazes me that in centuries past, I would NOT have been able to decide, to have any say whatsoever, in the electoral process or the way our government runs.  For many years, suffragettes fought for a woman's right to vote.  They were beaten, imprisoned, starved, some women even died for the cause.  All because they believed it so important that women have a chance to vote and take part in governments.

So, while I may not be sharing my political views here, with you all, you can bet your buttons (political or otherwise) that I WILL be sharing them at the place that matters most- my voting ballot.

I am so thankful that people in the past fought for the rights of people in the future to have rights.  And I intend to do the same.  I hope you all will as well.