Wednesday, April 3, 2013

35 Day Project: Movie Love

First-nighters posing for the camera outside the Warners' Theater before the premiere of "Don Juan" with John Barrymore, Washington DC, 08/06/1926.
Photo Credit: U.S. National Archives
Who does not love a good movie?  I know that I certainly do.  I fancy myself a bit of a movie buff, but in no way am I at the level of an actual movie aficionado.  I really enjoy a wide variety of films, even foreign films.  I took a few film classes in college, and really have great appreciation for the art of film making.  Script writing, acting, lighting, set direction.  All aspects of movies kind of fascinate me.  I love going to visit filming locations, and I love that several big picture films have been made, not just in Pittsburgh, but our little town of Kittanning as well.

Not only do I love big Hollywood films, I also enjoy small independent films.  When I was living in Pittsburgh, I met a guy who was a local film maker at a screening of one of his short films, and I was really impressed.  He is still making films, and for today's act, I decided to show one of his short films some online love.  It is listed on the IMDB site, so I signed up for an account over there specifically to give his film a well deserved good rating.  Such a simple act, supporting someone who is doing what he loves, but it does make a small difference.