Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Pillow Talk

Some nights, Hubby goes to bed much earlier than I do.  There are several reasons for the.  First, Hubby drives over an hour each way to and from work, so, to be at work by 8:30, he has to leave by 7, which means he is up at 6.  Second, I suffer bouts of sleeplessness, so often, I am up late reading books or blogs, or writing to you fine people.  But I try as much as possible to head to bed with Hubby, even if it means I will lay in bed and read after he falls asleep.  But some nights, we lay in bed and talk.  Those nights are my favorite.

Last night, we went to bed around 10, I actually laid down first and read a little while he fussed on the computer in the spare room.  Then, when he came to bed, we just...talked.  I love these talks.  We often talk about our plans for the next day, our families or friends, our hopes, our goals, our dreams.  It was many a bedtime discussion that helped us make the decision to get our puppy.  I love it when we just talk like that.  Sometimes it is serious stuff, like better ways to manage our finances, and sometimes it is just playful, like the time Hubby donned a British accent, and jabbered away, cause me to have uncontrollable fits of giggling. 

I think one of the reasons I love these talks is because it reminds me of when Hubby and I were not yet dating, though we were already deeply in love, and we would talk on the phone for hours at night.  We would both be laying in bed, about 60 miles apart, and just talk about anything and everything.  I knew then that he was my best friend, and I could tell him anything.

For as much as I blather on in this blog, opening up can be really hard for me, especially when it comes to things like my hopes, dreams, fears, and hurts.  But somehow, lying there in his arms, I know that I can literally say anything, and I am safe.  Last night was just another reminder of how truly blessed I am.  For years, I thought I would never get married, that I was doomed to be an old maid, because I would not settle for less than I deserved.  Now, I thank God that I held out for the one He created me to be with.

(p.s. no I did not change my hair color or style, the picture is old.  It is actually a picture of us lying on the bed in our room on our mini-honeymoon, which I dubbed our mini-moon.)