Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Plaid Shorts

I hate shorts.  It is pretty rare that I wear shorts, or pants of any sort, in the summer time.  Most of the time, in the summer, I can be found wearing dresses.  Usually light cotton sundresses, nothing fancy, just comfortable.  But, when preparing for my Ice Cream Social, I found the cutest blue and brown plaid shorts, so I got them, in the hopes I could wear them for the party.  Well, I hate to try on clothes, so I just got a size I hoped would fit, and brought them home.  The day before the party, which would have been the last day of July, I tried them on.  Bad news.  There was no way I could wear them.  I could not get them all the way on, much less buttoned and zipped.  I was so so sad.  I put them in my drawer, determined to be into them before the summer was over.

Yesterday, I wore those plaid shorts.  They fit me perfectly.  I was pretty stoked.  I am finally starting to see progress.  My first weight loss goal was to have lost 25 pounds by Labor Day.  I am confidant I will achieve that goal on time, if not early.  My biggest concern now is I know I am going to get to a point where I stop losing, but all I can do is keep trying.  And keep thinking about those plaid shorts.  Because the next time I go to put those things on, they had better be way too big for me.