Monday, October 4, 2010

One Year Down, A Lifetime to Go

Well, we made it to the one year mark.  Saturday was the one year anniversary of Hubby and me getting married (yes, we got married on a Friday).  We had debated about going away, but in the end, I really wanted to stay around here, and do something we would both enjoy.  It ended up being the absolutely perfect decision.

The anniversary started by Hubby sleepily keeping me awake until midnight, very nonchalantly, so that at precisely midnight he could romantically whisper in my ear, Happy Anniversary.  I could not help but smile and know the day would be perfection.

We had no real set schedule, so we decided to sleep in a little, and the next morning after we woke up, we exchanged presents.  I was so excited to give him mine.  As you may know, the traditional first anniversary present is paper.  For Hubby's gift, I commissioned a wonderful art student from Baltimore named Avi Jacob to draw pictures of Hubby and me.  I had prints made, and framed them.  I had large pictures framed for our home, and smaller ones framed for Hubby's desk at work.  Here are the copies of the drawings.

Hubby was simply stunned, he absolutely loved them!  I can't wait to hang the pictures in the living room!  Next was my turn, and I was so stunned, because Hubby got to see Lady Gaga.  I am so stinking excited!  I did not even know she was coming back to Pittsburgh in February, so I was really surprised, he did such a great job!

We got ready, and decided to do a little local site seeing, before heading off for dinner.  We went to dinner at a great restaurant called Shakespeare's Castle, which was amazing.  The food was delicious, the decor was really cool, and the service was fantastic.  The waitress even surprised us with a little cake!

Then we went out to our friends' place and celebrated by cutting into the top layer of our wedding cake, and sharing it with our friends.  All in all, it was an amazing day.  We got tons of well wishes from our friends and my family, and I am reminded once again of all with which I am blessed.