Saturday, November 6, 2010

Home Improvements- Part III

Ever since we redid our kitchen floor and put up a fence last summer, I have had the home improvement bug.  I decided the next project would be our bathroom.  It was not terrible when we moved in, but too dark for my taste.

I bought all the things I needed to redo the bathroom, and then we just never had the time.  So, when Hubby told me he had some vacation time this month, I asked if we could do the bathroom.  He said of course.  I had no idea how awesome it would turn out.

First step was we needed to sand the walls and ceiling.  The people who last painted this messed up a bit.  Not only did they not used bathroom paint, which is specially formulated to deal with heat, steam, and condensation, they layered latex paint over oil based paint.  The result was that the walls looked all cracked and the ceiling paint was coming in chunks around the shower.  So, first, we sanded.
See how it is darker in the top right?  That's the unsanded part.  We had red dust all over the place!  Next step was primer, to get a nice even surface.  The room looked so different with that dark color gone!

After the primer dried, it was time to paint.  First we painted the darker blue color, all over the walls.

Then, when that dried, we sponged a much lighter blue over top of that.
The result made the walls look like a big fluffy bubble bath, which was perfect for the decor we had chosen!  After all the paint was dry, tape removed, and touch ups done, it was time to decorate!  I am thrilled beyond belief with how adorable it turned out.

Sorry for a post so full of pictures, but I had to brag, I am really proud of all the work Hubby and I did this week, and I simply adore my new bathroom!