Saturday, November 3, 2012

Thankful for... being spared

Image Courtesy of CBS News.
This time last week, the entire eastern seaboard was bracing for Hurricane Sandy.  While western Pennsylvania rarely feels too many effects from hurricanes.  But the implications for the so called Frankenstorm were far more widespread than most hurricanes and tropical storms.  Plenty of great online articles talked about all the factors contributing to the fact that Sandy was going to be so awful.  The anticipation was that there would be power loss in the entire state of PA, record high winds, and widespread devastation.

Despite the fact that I was still really sick with a terrible cold, I dragged myself from bed early Sunday morning, and got some supplies.  Flashlights, water, candles, bread, food that we could cook on the grill.  I was hoping for the best, and preparing for the worst.  Luckily, we were spared from the awful effects of Sandy.  We did not lose power, we did not have high winds, and we did not see much flooding.  The worst thing we experienced was a little bit of basement dampness and the fact that Trick or Treat got rescheduled. Minor inconveniences.

So many people were not so lucky.  Residents of New Jersey and New York  weew hit extremely hard.  The Outer Banks had some damage.  Thousands of people are left with out power, and shelter.  Time and money will be needed to rebuild all that was lost.  So, today, in my thankfulness for being spared, I encourage everyone to donate to a reputable organization involved in relief efforts, such as the Red Cross.  Probably the easiest way to donate $10 is to text REDCROSS to 90999.  You can also donate to the Red Cross on iTunes.

Be thankful, and be generous