Saturday, May 28, 2011

It Made My Day: Gold Digger

This has not been the best of weeks.  Several of our friends have some not so happy situations with which they are dealing, and Hubby and I have been sad for them.  Then yesterday was a series of mild annoyances for both of us, and by the end of the day, we were just so over it all.

We decided to get the heck out of the house last night, and grab a bite to eat.  Hubby mentioned that he had several rewards certificates for Best Buy and asked if there was anything I wanted.  I have been wanting the Glee Karaoke Revolution game for our Wii since January, when I played it at a friend's house, so we decided to go get it.  I should have realized then that we had turned the corner on our crappy day.

We went to eat, and then went to get the game.  We got the last copy in the whole entire store, and saved ten bucks on it.  Things were looking up.

We somehow ended up singing a medley of 80's tv show theme songs on the way home.  Things were getting better and better.

Hubby knew the moment I got home I would want to play my game, so he got it all set up for me.  For the next 30 minutes, I belted out songs like Rachel Berry.

And then, it happened, the shining moment of the whole day.  Hubby decided he wanted to play.  He was going to sing a song.  And his song of choice.... was Gold Digger.

Now, anyone who knows him will understand how ridiculously awesome this is.  He is not someone who would listen to that song, in fact I am not sure he has ever heard the whole thing.  He can talk your ear off about economics and political theory, but views on hip hip or R&B, he has none.  He is not someone with what you would call "flow".  To put it bluntly, we are both the whitest thirty something nerds I know.  So to see him unleash some inner Kanye was, in short, the awesomest thing in the world.

At one point, we were sharing the mic, and belting out the "get down girl go head get down"s.  And then I realized, it may have been a crappy day, but it was a simply wonderful night.

Thanks Hubby, for totally making my day.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Do you remember.... the end of the school year?

Today is the last day of school for my niece and nephew.  It seems to early for school to be out, I think most schools around here do not let out for another two weeks.

I can remember the end of the school year so well.  When we were little it meant field trips to the zoo or to Kennywood.  It mean school picnics where we ate button candy and Fla Vor Ice pops (eating those still takes me back to childhood).  It meant cleaning out desks in elementary school, and lockers in middle and high school.  It meant 3 months of freedom, swimming, staying up late, and summer league sports.

When I was a kid, summer for me also meant not seeing my friends as often, and having to "catch up" when the new year started.  With social media and smart phones, kids these days are never out of touch, so the end of the school year is not as dramatic.  I was not the kind of kid to do a lot of socializing over the summer.  In high school, it would pretty much be me and my best friend or me and my boyfriend hanging out, and that was it.  I was the nerdy kid who read all summer, and did extra worksheets.  I was never one to be all that excited about the end of the year.

I wish that grown ups got summers off.  I wish that Hubby and I could take the entire summer off to be with our friends.  But unfortunately, life is not like that.  I wish these kids knew how lucky they were, to get a break from life for a bit.  What us old fogies would not give for 3 months of freedom.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Explorations: The Barns of Butler County

Even though I am an Armstrong County girl, sometimes my explorations make me cross county lines.  Armstrong, Butler, and Indiana counties all have similar rural settings, but each has their own unique things to offer to visitors and residents.

Last weekend, Hubby and I took in some of the amazing Butler County countryside.  One of the things Butler has to offer is an amazing Barn Trail.  Actually, there are 3 separate trails.  We chose trail 3, and due to it's location in relation to where we live, we actually did it backwards.

The first barn we saw was the Love barn.  Built in 1865, this barn is now a popular site for weddings and other events in the area.  I love the bright red roof, it is just so cheerful!

Then we moved on the 3 different barns that are homes to alpacas, Cotachachi, Sunset Hills, and Four Points.  Hubby thought the alpacas were odd looking, but I thought they were so adorable.  I want one, but alas, we are not allowed to have livestock in town. Someday in the future, I want to arrange to visit one of these farms.


Next we saw what was my favorite barn of the trip, the Fairfield barn.  It like something you would see in a movie, it was that lovely.

We finished up with the Maharg barn, located within the Succop Conservancy.

All in all, we really enjoyed the drive, and seeing the countryside, including some barns not part of the trail.  I am looking forward to doing the other 2 trails over the summer.

View a few more photos from this exploration here.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Word Filled Wednesday: Woman, You Have Great Faith.

Matthew 15:28
Then Jesus answered, "Woman, you have great faith! Your request is granted." And her daughter was healed from that very hour.

If you ask five different people to define the word faith, you could get five different answers.  For some people, faith means religion, Catholic, Protestant, Jewish.  To others, faith is a belief, like having faith in yourself.  To others, faith is a commitment to something bigger than yourself, such as being faithful in marriage.  But no matter how you define it, you know that faith is a wonderful thing to have.

I admit, in many ways, I lack faith.  Not faith in God, or the faithfulness of marriage, or anything like that.  No, where I lack faith is within myself.  I forget that God created me to chose the best path possible, to be as strong and healthy as I can.  He created me to have great faith, not only in Him, the creator, but in myself, the creation.

I want to strengthen my faith in myself, faith that I can attain goals that I set, faith that I can be the righteous woman He created me to be.  Faith that one day, I will see Him face to face, and He will say to me "woman, you have great faith".

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Camera Review- Panasonic Lumix

This week, I received a camera to review.  The camera is Panasonic Lumix.  The camera is nice and compact, and fits into the palm of your hand.

I really liked the look and feel of the camera.  There is something to be said about a nice compact camera.  It is nice and light, a great camera to throw in your purse or bag.

In terms of the camera itself, there are some really nice features.  The scene mode has more scene options than most of the cameras I have had in the past, including special settings for snow, fireworks, and food as well as the standard modes like portrait, scenery, and sports.  The menus and settings seem fairly easy to use.

One thing important to note is that while there is a place to control the exposure, I do not think there is a way to control the shutter speed, ISP, or f stop, so this is a very basic camera.  This makes it a great starter camera, or a nice camera for young adults.

There is 70 MB of built in memory, which is nice if you forget to load a memory card; you can still store a few pictures or some video in the internal memory.  I like this feature, because I have, in the past, forgotten to put my memory card back in the camera, and lost photo opportunities as a result.

The quality of the photos is not bad for as 14.1 MP camera, but for someone used to a more powerful point and shoot, like I am, the images can seem a little fuzzy, even with the image stabilizer.  Close up photos are fairly good, but the zoomed pictures are not as clear as I would like.
natural light


The same pretty much applies for the video quality.  Good for the level of camera, but not as good as I would prefer.  My husband was happy to perform for a sample video.

One thing I am totally unimpressed with is the software that comes with the camera.  It did not install easily, and some components would not install at all, so I did not get to mess with the software much.  What I did see of it, however, did not impress me at all.  I will not use the software, and will instead continue storing photos on my external hard drive, and using other programs to edit and upload.

So overall, a nice little camera for casual picture takers, beginners, or teenagers.  But the software leaves a lot to be desired.

I received this camera to review as part of the Amazon Vine Voice  program.

Monday, May 23, 2011

In the Big City: Burgatory

The latest trend among eateries is upscale burger joints.  Move over Burger King, because Burgatory just might steal your crown.

Burgatory is located in the Waterworks Mall, in the Fox Chapel area of Pittsburgh.  The name is a pun on the concept of purgatory, so the whole place has a heaven and hell theme.  Their slogan claims the place makes a "hell of a burger" and a "heavenly shake".  We were determined to find out.  We previously tried twice to get in, but the wait was to long to fit our schedule.  Apparently the third time really is the charm, and last Friday we got to go.

When you get there, they take your name and cell phone number if there is a wait (ours was minimal), then text you when your table is ready.  I love this concept, since you can venture a little further than those vibrating dodads most places use will allow.  In about 30 minutes our table was ready.

We got inside, and I immediately loved the decor.  Colors are red, black, and white, so fitting for the theme.  And some cute wall art as well.

 But the highlight is definitely the menu.

 Each day or week they make a new special burger and shake respectively.  Shakes can be regular, or "hard" with the addition of some alcohol.  Hubby opted for a burger with cajun seasoning (plain of course), and I tried the special, a burger with kona crust, which is made from kona coffee and seasoning, provolone cheese, mushrooms, greens, and an aioli sauce.  It was ridiculously delicious.  Burgers come with homemade potato and sweet potato chips, again, delish.  And my favorite part was the little pitchforks in the burgers.

We also decided to try the shakes.  Hubby got the Coffee and Donut shake, which had little bits of donut in it.    Holy cow delicious.

I got the Caramel Pretzel shake, and had them add some chocolate syrup.  The little bits of pretzel really made it.

We found the prices to be really reasonable, given the portion size and high quality of the food.  It is comparable, price wise, to chain sit down burger joints, but the quality is miles above.  And the shakes are probably the best we have ever tasted.  The service was really great, particularly given the fact we were there in the middle of happy hour.


So, in short, it would be a total sin (I had to) for anyone in the Pittsburgh area, either for the day or as a resident, to not try this place out.

See more pictures here.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

I love a good library sale!

As part of a jam packed weekend, Hubby and I got up early to go to the annual Kittanning Library book sale on Saturday.  Since funding for the library has been cut so much in recent years, this is a huge fundraiser for the library.  Who would not want to support their local library and get some great book deals in the process?
Last year was the first year I ever attended a book sale, and I was ridiculously happy with the deals I got on books.

This year, I did even better.

Because we went on the last day of the sale, prices had been drastically reduced.  We walked in the door, and the lady at the front table informed us that it was $3 a box.  Blink blink.  Are you SERIOUS?  This could be dangerous.  I decided to restrain myself, but trust me, it was not easy.

Hubby and I split up and started looking.  I grabbed a box first thing, and starting putting things in.  The tables were organized only into general categories (romance, fiction, history), so it was hard to have anything specific in mind to look for.

With the rows upon rows of books, my strategy was basically skim the titles and get anything that stood out to me.  It did not take long for me to fill a box, and by that time, Hubby was done looking, so I sent him to get a second box.

When we filled the second box, I made the executive decision that we were done, because we already have no room for more books at our house (the joyous problem that occurs when two book nerds marry).  I handed over my $6 and out the door we went.


Not a bad haul for $6.

Best part is, once I read them, I can always donate them to the next library sale!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

National Photography Month


I recently learned that May is National Photography Month, and there was no way I was going to let this month go by without talking about it!  In the past two years, photography has become a big hobby of mine.  I am still incredibly amateur, and get really frustrated when I cannot capture things the way I like.  I know nothing about polarizing filters, cannot take an extreme macro shot unless it is pure luck, and lament the fact that a thousand dollar camera is way, way, WAY out of my price range.  I doubt I will ever try to be a professional photographer, for one thing, I am not a big portrait taker, and that is what most people want.  I am much better at outdoorsy, nature, or artsy photos.

I have taken one photography class, just an adult ed class, and would love to take some actual college classes, but if I never do, I am ok with that too.  Photography is something I get to spend a little "me" time on every day.  And I have made vast improvements.  For example, most of my photographs that I took 2 years ago were either this


or this


My skills were limited to turning the camera around to take pictures of myself (which I admit, I still do sometimes), or taking a boring center weighted picture that showed little to no detail.

These days, I still take self portraits, but I have learned to use a tripod and self timer, and to play with settings and editing, to come up with things like this


I have learned to frame things in interesting or unusual ways, like this
Filtering Through on 365 Project

I have learned to take tight shots full of detail, like this

And I have learned to "see" things in whole new ways, like this
Stained Glass Windows on 365 Project

Am I ever going to achieve fame or wealth as a result of the pictures I take?  Probably not.  But I have achieved a new found appreciation for the world around me.  A newfound love of nature.  An ability to see all the little pictures that happen every single day.  An increased attention to the small things in life.  And a supreme thankfulness for God's glorious creations, and the blessings He has bestowed upon me.

So, I am glad that I have stumbled upon this little hobby, whether it ever becomes more than that or not.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Sweet and Sour Tiffany: Extreme Couponing

Sweet SourA huge trend in the housewife/mommy circuit right now is the concept of extreme couponing.  It used to be ladies were just sharing their coupons among friends, but now there are how to books and seminars devoted to how you can save thousands of dollars a year by couponing and watching deals in the sale ads.  Heck, there is even a television show devoted to extreme couponing.  So, I can think of no better topic to discuss for another Sweet and Sour installment.

The Sweet

No one will argue that today's economy is tough.  High unemployment rates, ballooning costs of living, and stagnant salaries all mean we should be trying to get more for our money.  So, it only makes sense that some people will do whatever it takes to make it in tough times.  If that means scouring newspapers and the internet for coupons, so be it.  It could mean the difference between the water staying on or the lights getting shut off.  So I totally get it.

A lot of people have a "go big or go home" attitude, and for them, saving 35 cents on toothpaste and 75 cents on bread is just not enough.  I think for people who are extreme at anything, it involves a rush.  Who would not feel like a total champ knowing they got $1000 worth of groceries for $100?  If people get high from that feeling, as weird as I may find it, then that is a whole lot better, physically at least, than drugs and alcohol.

The Sour

I think, in reality, extreme couponing is not what it appears.  To me, I see a lot of people getting GREAT deals on a bunch of crap they do not need.  Who cares if you can get 40 boxes of diapers for a dollar if you don't have kids, and will never have kids?  Who cares if you can get condiments for pennies if no one in your household uses them?  I often think that these extreme couponers are shopaholics who use the money they are "saving" to justify the amount of totally useless crap they buy.

And while the coupons are saving them money at the checkout lines, they are costing them in other ways.  I have heard that these couponers spend up to 8 hours preparing for the shopping trip, and up to another 4 doing the actual shopping.  Plus the costs of buying the magazines/newspapers to get the coupons, or the paper and ink to print the online coupons.  WHAT A WASTE!

In short, I am sure coupons are valuable to some people, but I personally cannot justify it.  Why waste hours trying to save money, when that time with your family could be priceless.  And if you are buying things you do not need, are you really saving at all?  I know some people do it, and later donate the items to get a tax break or credit.  Meh, I would rather save myself the hassle, go to Aldi's or SuperWalmart, and spend my time enjoying life.

So that being said, if the Sweet and Sour didn't completely fill you up, move along to the fortune cookie.


Thursday, May 19, 2011

Small Town Elements: Pizzerias

Pizza Time on 365 Project

Hubby and I love to have occasional pizza nights, and 9 times out of 10, we are ordering from one of the neighborhood pizzerias.  Kittanning is ripe with fantastic mom and pop pizza shops.  With all the different places to choose from, why would we ever pick a national chain pizza?

One of our favorite places is Sirena Pizza.  We order from them once in a while, but our favorite thing about this pizza shop is the lunch buffet.  Salad fixings and several different kinds of hot, fresh pizza adorn this buffet, and the price is so reasonable.  We do not get to go often, since it is only on weekdays.  You can bet that any time Hubby has at home vacation time, that vacation will include a trip to the Sirena lunch buffet.   

Another favorite of ours is Tri R Pizza, located just a few blocks from us in town.  They have incredible prices, and often Hubby and I get a 28 cut pizza (for like 16 bucks) and have it for 4 or 5 meals.  You can't beat that price, and the pizza is so delicious.  They are always happy to split the pizza for us, mushrooms for me and pepperoni for Hubby.

Another favorite of mine is Hetrick's.  Their pizza is good, but they also have amazing sandwiches and salads as well.  In fact, I call them often and beg for a salad that is not even on the menu, but they are always willing to make it for me.  They make the best buffalo chicken salad in all of Armstrong County!

I could talk about all kinds of other pizza shops in the area, but I think I might leave that for Hubby to do.*  My main point with this post is that there is so much my small town has to offer, and I bet the same can be said about yours.  So, go, explore some of your town's treasures, support local business, and have a slice of pizza!

*Hubby said he wants to possibly write reviews of different local pizza places on his blog, and I totally think he should.  In fact, you should leave him comments or tweet him on twitter and tell him he should as well!  

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Word Filled Wednesday: A Pathway

IMG_8377But forget all that—it is nothing compared to what I am going to do.
For I am about to do something new.
See, I have already begun! Do you not see it?
I will make a pathway through the wilderness.
I will create rivers in the dry wasteland.
Isaiah 43:18-19

God is all about change.  He is the supreme makeover artist.  He changes all of us, once we allow Him into our hearts and lives.  He changed the future of mankind by sacrificing His son, Jesus.  In God's eyes, change is a good thing.

Yet it is human nature to be resistant to change.  We like to remain in our comfort zone, knowing exactly what will happen, how things will be, and what our lives will be like.  When change is thrust upon us, we have a tendency to panic, at least I do.

Last night, in my small town, major political changes happened as a result of the primary election.  Some of these changes make me happy, and some of these changes make me sad.  But all of them make me nervous.  Yet, I have to look at the bigger picture.  Life changes every day.  God makes each day special and unique, to serve a specific purpose.  I have to believe that change, even the change I dislike, serves a purpose, or I would drive myself crazy.

So much has changed in my life in the past 2 years even.  Most of the changes were positive, but that did not prevent me from fretting over each and every change that happened.  Yet, today, I am happier in my life than I was 2 years ago.  So, I know, in my heart, these changes were a part of God's plan for me.  I can only pray that with each passing day, I continue to be open to God's pathway, changing me for the better.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Thankful for ... broken dishes


We have a fairly small kitchen, in the sense that there is not a lot of counter space.  It is very easy to run out of room for our dishes in the sink or drying rack.  Often, we find ourselves playing jenga with the dishes, piling them high, and later trying to remove them without the whole thing crashing down.

Last weekend, Hubby graciously washed the dishes, and as usual, we ran out of space.  He rearranged them all, and had them perched just so, to allow for the optimal drying to space saving ratio.  He went upstairs to check his email before we embarked on a project, and while he was up there, something bad happened.  The tower shifted, and the next thing I know, I huge crash resounded throughout the first floor.

I timidly walked into the kitchen, knowing it would be bad.  There, on the floor, were the remains of 3 of the dinner plates from our 8 place set.  Hubby was so upset.

The funny thing is, however, I really was not.  I even tried to joke with him, telling him there were easier ways to let me know he did not like washing dishes (he was not amused).  We had gotten the set as part of our wedding registry, and before this incident, several of the plates, bowls, and mugs had cracked or broken.  They were unfortunately not of high quality, despite being fairly pricey.

I know a lot of women would have been so angry if something like this had happened, but honestly, I was more upset about Hubby feeling bad.  This was so totally not his fault.  He sadly said "go buy whatever dishes you want".  Many wives would have gone and taken the opportunity to buy expensive or fancy dishes, but instead I opted for an inexpensive set, and a new tablecloth to tie the color in with our dining room decor.


Maybe I am not like most wives, who would complain or be angry over this incident.  In the grand scheme of life, I really do not care about something as inconsequential as our dishes.  Shoot, I would eat off of paper plates for the rest of my life, so long as I was sitting down to dinner with my Hubby.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Word Filled Wednesday: I Wish

3 John 1:2
Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth.

All my life, I looked for any excuse to make a wish.  Going through a yellow traffic light.  Dandlions. 11:11 on the clock.    Birthday candles.  Every silly superstitious opportunity you can think of.  And from the time I was about 12 until the age of, oh I don't know, 30, these wishes involved romance.  I wish to find a boyfriend.  I wish my boyfriend and I would get back together.  I wish to find true love, someone who loves me for who I really am.  What I should have been wishing for was that I would find God's will, and the patience to see the man He created as my partner.

Now that I have met that man, and found true love, I realize that while it took a long time, all those wishes were actually granted.  And now, I know that what I should be wishing, in fact praying for, is God's will in both our lives.  I wish for happiness for all those I love, for health and peace.  And above all, I wish for them to know how much I love each and every one of them.  They are all my wishes come true.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

In the Big City: Pittsburgh Power

Ever since Hubby learned that Pittsburgh would be getting an arena football team, he has been wanting to go.  He asked me several times if I would want to go.  I am pretty sure he expected me to say no, or complain about going, because I am not one terribly interested in football.  I mean, I am a Steelers fan, because that is sort of the law in Pittsburgh, but other than that, I am usually not too interested.  Despite my years as a cheerleader/marching band member/ dancer for junior and high school football games, I have never understood the rules of football all that well.  So no one was more surprised than me, except maybe Hubby, when I not only enthusiastically agreed to go to the game, but also had a heck of a good time.


Thanks to an offer from CBS local, we got lower tier seats at a huge bargain.  The seats were fantastic to say the least. We got there quite early, so we had time to watch the teams warm up. For those who are unaware, arena football is played on a field that is half the size of an NFL field. Hubby talked more about the rules and stuff over on his blog. Like I said, I still do not know the rules of football.

What I do know is that the Pittsburgh Power, as well as their dancers The Sparks, know how to put on a show. Starting with a powerful entrance.

The action was fast paced, in part due to the smaller field, and much more physical than I anticipated. And the teams were fired up, there were lots of altercations.

The crowd was encouraged to participate by being vocal and getting on their feet, which was cool, but the announcer was getting annoying by the end of the game. Also, I was frustrated with the poor quality of the sound system the officials used, you could not hear the calls at all. But that did not stop the crowd from getting really fired up.

While the Sparks dancers were talented, and attractive, I agreed with one of the other women in attendance at the game: Pittsburgh does not need cheerleaders. Our fans are all the entertainment we need. Frankly it reminded me of the "Hairography" episode of Glee.

Oh well, at least the ladies get a little eye candy too in the form of head coach Chris Siegfried. Ooooo la la.

While I did not totally understand what was going on during the game, Hubby did a great job of explaining it to me, and we did have a super fun time. This is a great affordable activity for families, and I can pretty much guarantee we will be going again.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day to an Awesome Mom!

Since it is Mother's Day today, I thought I would honor my mom by telling a little story that displays how awesome she is.

Right around the time Hubby and I were getting married, out friend Jason met a really nice girl named Erin.  Over the months since then, Erin has become one of my closest friends, and her family all treats me so well.  Since my family is several hours away, it is so nice for me to have the wonderful friends that I have here in Kittanning.  I tell my mom all the time about my girls, and I know she is so happy that I have found such a wonderful circle of friends here.  Anyone who is good to one of her kids has an automatic "in" with my mom.

Erin and Jason are now getting married, and I tell my mom all the time about the wedding plans excitement.  She knew they got engaged in Paris, and she knew Erin's bridal shower was coming up.  So, when she called me several days ago and told me she had gotten Erin a gift, I was not at all surprised, because that is just how my mom is.  She saw something that would be perfect, and got it.  She shipped it to me, and I had Erin come by and get it.

You could hear the excitement in Erin's voice as she remarked "aw your mom got me a gift?  That is so sweet!".  She stopped over on her way home from work, and was excited to open the gift.

As soon as she started opening it, she let out an "awwwww".

My mom had gotten Erin a candle with the Eiffel Tower on it.  And it contained all of Erin's favorite colors, which are also her wedding colors.  It was perfect.

This just goes to show how thoughtful and loving my mom is, not only to her own children, but to everyone.

Happy Mother's Day Mom, I love you!

Friday, May 6, 2011

My First Time

Well folks, it finally happened.  Something I had been both dreading and looking forward to for a long time now.  Today, it was my first time... cutting grass.


As a kid, my dad always did the grass cutting, so I never learned how to use a lawnmower.  I figured I would either live in an apartment, or be married and have my husband do it.  And for years, I got away with that working.  Hubby did all the grass cutting last year.  However, his work schedule has him getting home a little later now, and will be even later next month, so by the time he gets home, the grass is too wet with dew to mow, and waiting until the weekends does not work.  First off the grass is too high, and secondly, it has been raining most weekends lately.  So, I came up with a plan.

Since I am afraid of unfamiliar with the workings of a gas powered mower, I convinced Hubby that we should buy a manual lawn mower.  You know, the old fashioned kind, with no motor.  So, he humored me, and we got one that looks like this.

Photo source
Now, I am pretty sure Hubby was betting on me never actually being the one to use this mower.  I am sure he figured I was too lazy busy to actually get the grass cut.  To my dear doubtful darling's defense, I have been feeding him empty promises of how I will learn to play Illuminati for well over a year now (I really do want to learn Hubby), so it is only natural that he be suspect of my plan.

But today, I proved him wrong.  I hauled that manual mower up from the basement, and I cut our grass.  Now, being that this was the first time I ever did it, I had no clue what I was doing.  Are you supposed to just do straight lines, follow some sort of pattern, what?  With the wheels being so big, I could not get up against the fence too well, so that will need weedwacking, and I could not move the patio table, so I mowed under it as best as I could.  But other than that, the yard is done.

I will never claim that this is the best haircut our lawn ever got.  I certainly did not do a perfect job.  In fact, I am not even sure I did a passable job.  But the point of the matter is, there was a job to do, and I did it.  And in true Tiffany fashion, I did it in a dress.